The Happy Human collection is a physical tribute to every heart. Perhaps you smile in spite of yourself, or you smile because your heart recognizes that unspeakable joy. When the subconscious of masculine and feminine, young and old, you are this and you are not that, melt away, what remains is a wide-open spirit    

The original Happy Human sculpture ( Ta-Da ) was modeled after my amazing play with my daughter. Her big smiles and laughter as I tossed her into the air combine with the excitement of free falling, only to land back into loving hands was a magical experience.  I wanted to design a sculpture that could capture all that as well as ignite  memories, thoughts, imaginations and leave smiles on the faces of all that view them regardless of the viewers age.  I wanted a simple work that didn't need a long philosophical statement to be understood but rather a work of art my young daughter ( at the time ) could look at understand and smile at.  The result the Happy Human project, eight public works and growing, countless ornaments we sell every year with all the profit going to our local food banks, and a product line coming soon.  I hope you are all Happy Humans!

Product Line Coming Soon

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